Excavation & Landscaping


Rock Solid Enterprises, LLC provides a turn-key excavation experience to meet your project needs. From demolition to earthwork to storm sewer to foundations, Rock Solid Enterprises, LLC has a experienced team to complete any project of any size. Using a fleet of equipment, we have the resources to meet most projects.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are a beautiful and practical alternative to hold back a steep slope on your property or enclose a garden area. Although they may look like a simple wall, retaining walls are actually carefully engineered systems designed to restrain large quantities of soil and to supply proper drainage to existing landscape. Rock Solid Enterprises’s experienced team has the expertise to design retaining walls that not only beautify the landscape, but also solve a variety of problems including drainage issues, erosion, and stabilization of the land. Depending on the unique attributes of your property and your objectives, we can engineer the ideal retaining wall – whether it is large, small, tiered, angled, straight or curved. Our retaining walls add visual and textural interest to your landscape, while naturally complementing the existing surroundings.